• Title (Original): 3 Al Rescate
  • Title (Spanish): 3 Al Rescate
  • Title (In English): 3 To The Rescue
  • Country Of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Year Of Completion: 2010
  • Duration: 78 Minutes
  • Format / Color / Bw: 3d Stereoscopic
  • Language: Spanish


  • Directors: Jorge Morillo and Luis Morillo
  • Executive Producers: Jose Miguel Bonetti and Alfonso Rodriguez
  • Cast: Frank Perozo, Jose Guillermo Cortinez, Luis Jose German, Royer Sayas, Cuquin Victoria, Antonio Orlando Meleciano, Irving Alberti, Giovanna Bonelly Cuello, Alejandro Alfonso, "Panky" Saviñon, Carolina Rivas Suarez, Tony Rojas.


On a Christmas Eve in a small farm, a chicken (Frank), a pig (Mauritius) and a goat (Enrique), fear that their final hour has arrived, and in an effort not to become the banquet, they escape together.

En route to the unknown they form an unusual friendship with a strange iguana, who rescues them from various situations in which they get involved because of their inexperience in their new world of freedom. All of a sudden, a ruthless poacher (The Claw) who is engaged in the illegal practice of selling endangered animals, kidnaps the iguana (Bilpo) to sell it to a collector of exotic animals.

Our friends, driven by a sense of loyalty and gratitude toward their partner, follow the trail to the big city (Santo Domingo) where, together with a group of captured animals carry out the most risky and dangerous rescue operation ever undertaken.


Luis MorilloLuis Manuel Morillo is a Publicist graduated from Apec and the University of the Caribbean. Recipient of an award to the most creative digital idea developed in the area of fluid simulation for visual effects by the CG Society (society of digital artists). Halt Hickel recognition (director of animation of the Pirates of the Caribbean). He is an expert in state-of-the-art multimedia formats and technologies. His work experience includes animation, production and supervision of visual effects and the technical direction, modeling and animation of 3D animated shorts and feature films.

Luis MorilloJorge Luis Morillo is and Industrial Designer graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, Summer Program In Manufacturing in R.I.T. Director, Producer and VFX Technical Director of feature films, commercials and multimedia presentations. He is an expert in state-of-the-art multimedia formats and technologies. His work experience includes directing, producing and animating 3D animated shorts and feature films.