The objective of the DRGFF's First Short Film Competition is to promote the short film industry in the Dominican Republic; provide incentive for the creation and development of local productions; stimulate and enrich the local film culture; support community film and provide Dominican professionals with the opportunity to form working networks;
and to increase the visibility of local productions in the national and international film community.

Rules and Regulations

Article 1. Registration: Registration for the DRGFF's First Short Film Competition of the Dominican Global Film Festival will remain open from July 6 through September 18, 2009. The competition is limited to Dominican entries.

Article 2. Deadline for submitting short film entries: From July 6 to September 18, 2009.

Article3. Categories: The contest will welcome the following categories: fiction, animation, documentaries and fantasy films.

Article 4.
Conditions for participation: Participation in the DRGFF's First Short Film Competition is open to all short filmmakers from the Dominican Republic. Filmmakers must be over 18 years of age. The director of the short film must be of Dominican nationality and the country of production must be the Dominican Republic. The short film must utilize a minimum of 70% Dominican actors. Only one film per author/director will be accepted. Short films from other countries will not be accepted in this first contest. Films of a pornographic nature, whether in language or obscene images, will be disqualified and their authors will be penalized by not being permitted to participate in future contests. Applicants should fill out the electronic application found on the DRGFF website and accept all the contest's rules and regulations contained therein. Send your work to the address listed in this document within the established period of time. The work sent for pre-selection WILL NOT be returned and the participants will not be able to reclaim it. Short films that are not made in the Spanish language must have subtitles in Spanish in order to be accepted in the competition. The DRGFF will not assume any costs or charges incurred by the work presented to the competition. Participation in the DRGFF's First Short Film Competition 2009 implies that entrants have read and accept the rules and regulations contained in this document.

Article 5. Authorization: The author/s, director/s, producer/s, actor/s in the short film being presented at the  Short Film Competition authorize the DRGFF to undertake the public dissemination of his/her name and/or voice and/or image on all promotional media and distribution outlets including television, radio, Internet, print, graphic and any other media and distribution outlets in keeping with the criteria of the DRGFF without any restrictions of time, territory and without any type of compensation, payment and/or indemnification.

Article 6. The work: Participants in the Short Film Competition authorize the DRGFF to edit the work according to DRGFF criteria for the purpose of promoting the contest; this promotional editing can be done without territorial limit and time limits.  This authorization extends to all promotional media and distribution outlets including television, Internet, public ads, radio and any other communication outlets determined by the DRGFF without any type of payment and/or indemnification

Article 7. Technical specifications: The films must not be any longer than 15 minutes in length including the credits; they can be black and white or in color; Spanish language; if the language of the film is not Spanish, the film must contain Spanish subtitles in order to be accepted in the contest; only DVCAM or MINIDV Cam formats are acceptable for the contest.

Article 8. Copies of the films: Each participant in the contest must present one (1) copy of their film in DVD format. Any other format will automatically eliminate the contestant from the competition. The DRGFF reserves the right to inform or not to inform the participant of his/her disqualification from the contest. Copies of the film sent will not be returned but rather will form part of the audiovisual property of the International Global Media Institute (IGM) of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo.

Article 9. Pre-selection: Fill out an electronic application available at: You will automatically  receive an application form with all necessary information. Make a copy of this application form and send both copies. Once the electronic application has been received and the information has been verified as correct, the DRGFF will confirm, via email, the receipt and acceptance of the forms. In the case of not being accepted, the corresponding DRGFF committee will send an electronic message confirming non-acceptance.

Article 10. Shipment of material (DVD & CD): Films must be sent in a closed envelope containing a DVD & CD copy along with the copy of the application downloaded from the email. Films will be accepted until September 18, 2009. They must be postmarked no later than this date.  The material, duly identified with a sticker that includes the name of the film, and the author and/or participant's name, will be sent to the address indicated in the electronic communication received in your contest acceptance letter.

Material presented must include a DVD with the film AND a  CD with the following:
• photos of the director (minimum 1MB/JPEG, GIF or PNG/300dpi);
• two promotional pictures of the film (minimum 1MB/JPEG, GIF or PNG/300dpi);
• two photos taken from scenes in the short film (minimum 1MB/JPEG, GIF or PNG/300dpi).

Article 11. Transportation of the film: The films sent for pre-selection of the DRGFF's First Short Film Competition must be sent by postal mail to the address that will be released to participants by email. 
Participants should wait one week to receive confirmation of receipt. If there is no confirmation of receipt after one week, they should communicate with the DRGGF by email at: or by telephone at: (809) 685-9966.

Article 12. Selection process: Only one (1) winner will be selected regardless of the film category, to win the first prize.  The other ten (10) winners will be selected for Honorable Mention and their short films will be shown prior to the films being viewed daily in various cities hosting the upcoming Film Festival.  The winners will selected by a jury of Dominican and international film professionals. The voting will be done by secret ballot. Members of the jury are committed not to make public, anticipate, discuss and distribute any information about the winner of the DRGFF's First Short Film Competition prior to the official announcement of the winner. The selection will take place on November 14, 2009. The winner will be personally notified and announced on the DRGFF Webpage.

Article 13. Prize/s: The Dominican Short Film Prize, designated for only one winner, consists of a digital camera, tripod, lights and microphone. There will also be ten honorable-mention winners. The first-prize winning short as well as the ten honorable mentions will be shown prior to the films on display throughout the country at the Film Festival.  The first-prize winner as well as the ten honorable mentions winners will also be shown before the films to be viewed in the auditorium of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE). The viewing locations of the short films will be decided upon according to the criteria established by the DRGFF and will be shown before the Festival films.  The DRGFF reserves the right to distribute any of the participating short films to its associates or media outlets for the purpose of promotion. The winning films will be publicly announced on the DRGFF Web Page and the winners will  receive an announcement by postal mail.  

Article 14. Winning films: The winning films and participants will authorize the DRGFF to distribute their films in other festivals and/or national and international shows and activities in which the DRGFF participates or undertakes.

Article 15. Certification and diploma: All work participating, registered and accepted by the contest organizing committee will receive a Certificate of Participation. Winners will receive a Diploma of Recognition as well as the other awards described in this document. 

Article 16. Rights reserved by the Dominican Global Film Festival: Participants in the Short Film Competition of the  Dominican Global Film Festival accept all the Articles as described in this document as the Rules and Regulations.  The DRGFF maintains all rights to exhibit, promote, edit and  publish the work sent for participation in the Short Film Competition 2009 in all media outlets in the country and outside the country.