Mexico has been chosen to start the series of screenings of foreign short films at the DRGFF.

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Blue light
Mexico / 2010 / 14’14’’

Director: Osiris Luciano, Mexican filmmaker, is co-director of the Z Film production company, and is part of ClioTV, a publishing company that produces documentaries. His experience as a director includes documentaries, short films, music videos, commercials, scripts, and experimental visual projects.

Synopsis: Umi and Ray.They meet at the roof top to say ¨goodbye¨. Both are 13 years old . A handmade kite is ready for a farewell flight but… they confront a windless scenario. Together they call upon the bluesky to blow. And suddenly they see something in the Sun. A luminous bond is made.Now the wind comes to play.

Director: Sergio Tovar | Mexico/ 2007/ 14'

Synopsis: The young girl Cyra suffers because of a seed that got stuck inside of her body and has started to grow. Her grandfather tries to protect her from rejection and discrimination in the town where they live, taking her to a better place.

Director: Karla Castañeda | Length: 00:00:00:00 | Mexico / 2008 / 9’

Synopsis: When nothing is left but memories, surrounded by loneliness in an old people's home, an elderly woman decides to go on weaving her fate.

Mexico, 2010 / 10’

Director: Yordi Capó was born in 1977 in Morelia. In 2003 he obtained a BA in Audio-Visual Arts at the University of Guadalajara, where he currently serves as a professor in the Department of Image and Sound. In 2007 he obtained his MA in Film Studies, specializing in screenplay. He has worked on film projects as director, screenplay writer, editor and photographer. Among his achievements is the Blues of Paganini, which in 2005 was nominated for an Ariel award for best short documentary. Winner of the stimulus program for filmmakers for scriptwriting, from the Mexican Institute of Cinematography. In 2007 he received a scholarship from Jalisco's National Council for Culture and the Arts.

Synopsis: A Private tries to stand at attention during a long official ceremony in spite of the obstacles he faces, such as the sun, sweat, tiredness and an insistent mosquito. While he listens to the official speech, the soldier becomes aware of the difference between the many who follow and the few who lead.

Tell Me What You Feel
Mexico / 2006 / 24min

Director: Iria Gomez Concheiro was born in Mexico City in 1979. In 1999, he joined the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, and in 2004-2005 specialized in movie photography, coordinated by Vittorio Storaro at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografía di Roma. With his short Tell me what you feel he has won several awards, including the Ariel award for best short fiction from the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences. He is currently working on Asalto al cine, his first feature film.

Synopsis: A young woman who wants to emigrate settles as a public writer in the street. She gets financial help from a man who initiates another kind of relationship between them.

The Gold Mine
Mexico / 2010 / 10’

Director: Jacques Bonnavent was born in Mexico City in 1975. He has written and produced two plays, and directed one of them. Both productions were supported by FONCA's Program of Joint Ventures. Twice he has been a tutor at the World Interplay Festival for Young Playwrights in Australia. He is one of the screenwriters of the short Sirenas de Fondo. He has written a soap-opera and a comedy series for radio. He has been Creative Director for a Disney Channel program, as well as creative consultant for the Banco Santander and Grupo Salinas. He has written and directed for television. He also works as a freelance graphic designer. The Gold Mine is his first short as a director.

Synopsis: At fifty something, Betina finds love over the internet. She leaves her monotonous life behind to go meet her virtual fiancé on the other side of the country.

The Landlady
Mexico / 2009 / 5´

Director: Lizzette Argüello nació en 1980, en el Barrio de la Merced. Realizó sus estudios en Relaciones Internacionales en la cuidad de Monterrey y una especialidad en Ciencias Políticas en Toulouse, Francia. Durante sus estudios, colaboró en una de sus primeras investigaciones documentales. Su primera película, titulada DeNADIE, fue acreedora a más de 15 premios en festivales internacionales incluyendo el Festival de Sundance y un Ariel de Plata en la Edición 2006 de los premios de la Academia Mexicana de Cinematografía.

Synopsis: La Patrona is a small community in Veracruz, Mexico, where every day a group of women give a sample of love, hope and faith to the central American migrants who cross the country by hopping on freight trains to try and reach the United States

Watching it rain
Mexico / 2009 / 5´

Director: Elisa Miller, Graduated from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. She works as a casting director and art director. Her short fiction, Ver Llover (2006), was the best short fiction at the Morelia Film Festival and won the Golden Palm in its clas at the Cannes Film Festival. Rome is her most recent short film, which was screened during the Critics Week and was also screened in Morelia, where it won the Garcia Bross Award. She received an Honorable Mention at the International Short Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cine Expresión en Corto). His Opera Prima Vete mas Lejos Alicia premieres at the Festival of Morelia in October of this year

Synopsis: Two teenagers live in a little Mexican town. Sofia wants to leave. Jonas has to decide whether to stay or leave with her.