• 1. Queen to Play
    Sinopsis: Sandrine Bonnaire and Kevin Kline (in his first French-speaking role) shine in this sophisticated feel-good comedy set in idyllic Corsica. | Read more >

  • 2. Welcome
    Sinopsis: Bilal is 17 years old, a Kurdish boy from Iraq. He sets off on an adventure-filled journey across Europe. | Read more >

  • 3. The Concert
    Sinopsis: Thirty years ago, Andrei Simoniovich Filipov, the renowned conductor of the Bolshoi orchestra, was fired for hiring Jewish musicians. | Read more >

Stuart Schulberg (1948)
Sandra Schulberg & Josh Waletzky
(Restoration - 2009)

Mexico has been chosen to start the series of screenings of foreign short films at the DRGFF.