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"Play Ball" A Homerun for Dominican Film!
Santo Domingo, November 28, 2007


Filming of Children's Movie "Explosive Brigade, Pirate's Mission" Wraps Up in the Beaches of Samaná
Santo Domingo, November 27, 2007


Santo Domingo, November 7, 2007


GFDD and FUNGLODE Launch DRGFF 2007 Website
Washington, DC, October 31, 2007


GFDD and FUNGLODE Present Second DR Global Film Festival
Santo Domingo, October 21th, 2007.


Filming of Children’s Movie “Explosive Brigade, Pirate’s Mission” Wraps Up in the Beaches of Samaná
Santo Domingo, November 27, 2007

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Media World Dominicana, recently finished filming “Explosive Brigade, Pirate’s Mission” which is set along the spectacular beaches of Samaná. The film was produced by Argentina Sono Film, the biggest film producer in South America with over 300 movies under its belt.

The crew, made of up of 50% of Dominican actors and 90%  Dominican technicians, put the final touches on the production last week. The Dominican team will be involved in post-production and editing the film in the Cinecolor Studios located in Argentina which has become the epicenter of Latin film production.

This is not the first time the Argentine film company has chosen the DR as a location for its movies. In 2004, “Papa Has Gone Crazy” was filmed here with the Argentine actors Guillermo Francella, the former Pimpinela, Lucía Galán and Dominican model Yahira Guzmán. The film was seen by 1.7 million people in Argentina alone.
Locations for “Explosive Brigade, Pirate’s Mission” were primarily the beaches of Las Galeras and the Amhsa Marina Bay Hotel.

The film was directed by Rodolfo Ledo, who also wrote the screenplay along with production director Federico Ozores of Media World Dominicana. The movie, a children’s comedy, is about a horde of aggressive pirates and their leader Jack Banister (Enrique Quailey) who plunder the island’s hotels provoking the female owner of one of them to hire three expert brigadiers from an international organization to guard the hotels to keep the pirates from stealing the Crocodile of the Nile, the most valuable emerald in the world.

The Dominican actors include Enrique Quailey (The Chocolate Freak),  Lizfanny Emiliano, Rene Castillo, Micky Montilla, Jenny Gomez and Noemí Berroa.

Media World Dominicana, is planning to premier the film in Santo Domingo and the rest of the country in 2007.

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