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"Play Ball" A Homerun for Dominican Film!
Santo Domingo, November 28, 2007


Filming of Children's Movie "Explosive Brigade, Pirate's Mission" Wraps Up in the Beaches of Samaná
Santo Domingo, November 27, 2007


Santo Domingo, November 7, 2007


GFDD and FUNGLODE Launch DRGFF 2007 Website
Washington, DC, October 31, 2007


GFDD and FUNGLODE Present Second DR Global Film Festival
Santo Domingo, October 21th, 2007.


"Play Ball" A Homerun for Dominican Film!
Santo Domingo, November 28, 2007

Another Dominican film is set to premier in 2008, this time on the baseball field. The film’s characters are baseball players, with “Alex” as the central character.

Play Ball“Play Ball”is the newest film Project produced by Kendy Calcaño, under the direction of Alfonso Rodríguez. The script was written by José Miguel Bonetti.

The plot involves the two most valuable rookies in the big league who are found to be using steroids. As a result, their promising future as big time baseball stars in the major leagues goes down the drain.
Alex, played by Luis López, is forced to return home to his country where his only option is to play for a professional Dominican team which has terrible record of losses. Indeed, the team has been at the bottom of the league for the past 30 years. The only thing that seems to inspire this team of losers is Marcos, their 9-year-old batboy who elevates their sunken spirits.
Play Ball” is a humorous story of broken dreams, revived dreams, persistence and moral support from companions and friends who are always there for you.
The main roles in the film will be played by Luis López as Alex; Marlene Favela, as Elena, Alex’s beautiful sister, and Marcos Bonetti, who will play Marcos, the little batboy.

In addition, Alfonso Rodríguez will play the team’s manager Satanás González; Miguel Céspedes is Torpedo, the pitcher of the Verde team; Enrique Quailey (Súperman), is the pitcher who uses steroids. Ricky Rodríguez (Boca de Cuero), René Castillo (Abanico) andJandy Ventura (Sammy) are also pitchers.
The cast also includes Cuquín Victoria, Jochy Santos, Mariene Cruz, Gerónimo Cordero, Jhonny Trujillo, Juan José Rodríguez, Ana Rivas, Antonio Espaillat, José Manuel Rodríguez, Guillermo Ascencio, Vanessa Osechas, Iris Vanessa Peña and Alicia De la Cruz, among others.

By special invitation, big league baseball players, such as Luis Polonia, Ronny Belliard, José Rijo, Pablo Ozuna, Daniel Cabrera, Octavio Dotel, Robinson Canó and José Lima, are also participating in the film.
The filming of “Play Ball” has been underway since October 18 through November of this year in various Santo Domingo and Santiago sports centers such as the Telelo Vargas Play, the Quisqueya Stadium and the Cibao Stadium.
The film’s premier is set for this coming February.

Supporters include: Secretary of State for Culture / UASD / Malecon Center / National Theater / Leon Center / ANU-DR / Kodak Cinemateque / Colorin / Pat’e Palo / Thrifty Cars

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