II Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2008

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II Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2008
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II Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2008


Panel of Experts Analyze Marketing and Distribution
Santo Domingo, November 24 2008.

Luis Nikkolas Rey, Millie Luna,
Marlene Dermer, Christy Haubegger,
Carol Bidault D'Isle

Many ideas were put on the table because the goal of the panel was to tackle to the difficult issues of marketing and film distribution.  These are fundamental aspects, as was mentioned throughout the festival,  are often put on the back burner at the moment of creation. But the film industry is the creation and much more.  To discuss all of this and more, the auditorium of the Fundación Global was the chosen site for a group of experts -Latinos living in the United States with tons of professional experience between them – who shared their points of view, exchanged information with the public and gave some important lessons on numerous and diverse aspects of the film industry that all need to be carefully taken into consideration.   

Each of the panelists made a presentation about a topic that corresponded to his/her field. They also gave suggestions to the audience which form part of the series of ideas resulting from this experience.

That the market and distribution are fundamental for a film to be successful and for it to be seen by a wide audience was the main topic but there was also consequent interest and information about the Latin presence in the United States. Starting with the idea that all creators of ideas should think about and gear their product toward their audience, everyone agreed that it is a good moment to be Latino in the United States. The panelists encouraged the participants in the audience to persevere, knock on doors, take advantage of all opportunities to get into the industry, especially given that all areas and positions can be learned. “The platform is open and the road is paved, you just have to take advantage of the moment now that film studios are interested in Latin stories,” the panelists insisted on several occasions.

There was another idea upon which they all agreed regarding what is currently happening in many Latin countries, including the Dominican Republic: the main audience that needs to be won over should be the one in the creator´s own country. This is fundamental in order to advance in the global world.

Everyone present, with various years of experience, has seen how the tools of communication have changed and this is something that cannot be overlooked when talking about marketing and distribution. The Internet and new technology have become our allies. If one uploads their trailer or short film onto the Internet, chance are someone in the film industry will see it. For example, this has happened with young Latin directors who received a call from Paramount.   

The enthusiasm of the people in the hall was the link that held all the speeches together along with some evaluation of work and understanding the sacrifice of making it. Sacrifice and satisfaction go hand-in-hand just as the creative aspects should go hand-in-hand with the business part.     

The panelists know what they are talking about, after all, they are participating in international festivals, working with distribution companies, agencies that hire the best know actors in the world, etc.  

 “If you don´t have money, do something short and put it on the Internet. Everyday hundreds of bad scripts and films are sent to agents, wasting their time when they should be making decisions. Try to make something short and make the connection like that,” was the advice of one panelist.

This was how the panel touched on these important but relatively unknown aspects in the world of film. The panel listened to many questions and the audience asked the panelists for tricks of the trade on how to get Dominican products into the important areas of the film industry. They exchanged emails, websites dedicated to the film industry - they covered many bases.

The panelists included Luis Nikkolas Rey, Carol Bidault D'Isle, Millie Luna, Marlene Dermer, and Christy Haubegger.


II Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2008