II Festival de Cine Global Dominicano - 2008


The DR Global Film Festival has an inclusive spirit and a strong educational and outreach component. In order to achieve the objective of attracting the projects from studios and independent producers to the country, the Festival complements the work the Global Media Arts Institute does throughout the year with a broad program of panels, workshops and master classes (15 in total) to further the training of young filmmakers and continuing the education of full fletched professionals. The Festival wants to bring into the fold all groups of Dominican society by offering participative panels and discussions (10) around the subjects brought up by the films shown, all of them referred to the challenges most individuals must face sooner or later in this globalized world. All these proposals are of interest; all are engaging and stimulating.
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Film Industry Panels
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IBERMEDIA Presentation

FUNGLODE:, 2nd Floor
Friday, November 20, 2009
10:00AM - 12:00PM

Ibermedia facilitates and finances co-productions of documentaries and fiction films between two or more of Ibero-América's Spanish- and Portuguese-language member countries. This intergovernmental organization began with seven member countries and has now seventeen member countries, including the Dominican Republic. It funds international distribution and promotion of finished projects with grants. Ibermedia has been instrumental in the continued expanding production and high quality of Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese films for the last ten years. The Ibermedia formula protects the filmmakers' personal vision and allows the project to retain the rooted particularity of a national and/or personal-historical tradition, no strings attached. Come meet the team for a series of appointments for 2 hours after the Panel.

Presenters:Elena Vilardell, Ibermedia Technical Secretary and Victor Sanchez, Ibermedia Coordinator, Co-Production and Distribution

Presentation: Autodesk, Media and Entertainment; Digital Cinema
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Friday, November 20
2:00PM - 4:00PM

Advances in digital technology have transformed the way films are being created-the result is an exciting, visually rich, selection of films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to award winning independent films. These advances in technologies create new processes and a distinctive language, which, any film producer, director, or those interested in the field, must know to understand all possible creative alternatives in today's multifaceted film production. New technological advances are now allowing for better production value using visual effects, color corrections and fast editing, leading audiences to an amazing and exciting experience during a viewing.

DRGFF has assembled one of the players at the forefront of digital film content creation and distribution, Autodesk, Media and Entertainment. They will discuss how the new digital processes are shaping the film industry and explore how film producers, directors, and creative are embracing the new technology called Digital Intermediate.  Digital Intermediate allows film professionals to create cost-effective production models for profitability and increase viewership with new flexible distribution originating from this technology.   Autodesk will elaborate on the importance of today's production values and demonstrate the practicality of digital intermediate.

Presentation: Miguel Rodriguez

Film Distribution and Other Potential Revenue Streams
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Sunday, November 22
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

How do television and ancillary markets play an intricate role in the financial success of theatrical and documentary creative product?
What is the current distribution landscape for independent filmed production and what role should a producer give to the view ability of the product on television and related ancillary markets?
Is television and related ancillary markets important considerations when developing theatrical/documentary product? Join Archie Purvis for answers to these questions followed by Q & A.

Presenter: Archie Purvis

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009