Dominican Republic Global Film Festival Attending the 33rd International Court Métrage Festival in France
Santo Domingo, February 8, 2011

El DRGFF celebra nominaciones de 127 horasDirectors of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (DRGFF) are attending the 33rd International Court Metrage Festival in Clermont-Ferrand being held from February 4th to 12th in France. They will be presenting a short film made by Dominican Johanne Gómez, a graduate of the Global Media Arts Institute (GMAI). The film is called "Los minutos, las horas."

The Directors of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival began their rounds of participation at the main film festivals of 2011 with their presence at the 33rd International Court Metrage Festival de Clermont-Ferrand, the second most important festival in France dedicated to short films.

Omar de la Cruz, DRGFF Director is attending the event with Yvette Marichal, Director of Public Relations and Marketing and Taína Rodríguez, Coordinator of Public Relations and Marketing.

The Festival, which runs from February 4-12, is known as one of the most prestigious in France in the area of short films.

The Global Media Arts Institute (GMAI) of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) will be screening a short film by Dominican, Johanne Gómez, who is a graduate of the GMAI’s film program.

Omar de la Cruz took advantage of their participation at the Court Metrage Festival in Clermont Ferrand to announce that the first prize-winning short film from the upcoming 5th DRGFF will be entered for consideration into next year’s short film fest in France.