DRGFF visits Miami International Film Festival, March 5-14, 2010
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Winner of Dominican Short Film Competition to be Shown in New York at Latino Film Fest May 26, 2010
Gabriela Latorre Presents Short Films at Cannes Film Festival May 20, 2010
DRGFF Team at Cannes Festival Meets with Haitian Filmmaker Raoul Peck
May 15, 2010
Dominican Republic Global Film Festival Team at Cannes 2010
May 15, 2010
Dominican Republic Global Film Festival Hands Out People’s Awards From its Third Annual Festival
April 21, 2010
DRGFF attends SXSW Film Conference and Festival
March 12-20, 2010
DRGFF visits Miami International Film Festival, March 5-14, 2010
March 5-14, 2010
DRGFF Team attend Cartagena's 50th International Film Festival
March 11, 2010
Three Films From Dominican Global Film Festival Nominated for Oscars
February 3, 2010
The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival Present at Sundance
January 26, 2010
“La Soga” and “P-Star Rising” Receive Audience Awards from the III Dominican Global Film Festival
January 16, 2009
Omar Sharif and Funny Girl
January 14, 2009
The Road to Victory “She is the Matador”
January 14, 2009
Three Films Shown in the III Dominican Global Film Festival Nominated for Golden Globes
December 17, 2009

March 5-14, 2010

MiamiSenior Staff of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival  Dominican Republic  (DRGFF),  an initiative of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and  Fundación Global Democraca y Desarollo (FUNGLODE)  have become regulars of the Miami International Film Festival which  this year took place March 5-14, 2010.

Located just over two hours flight from Santo Domingo , the sunny and multicultural setting of the MIFF, has become a mainstay in DRGFF’s mission to look for the best in international feature films and documentaries, current industry trends and big headliners.  It also provided the DRGFF team, which this year comprised Asun Sanz and Paul Goris, lucrative networking opportunities with a predominantly Hispanic audience.

The Festival, which is widely considered as a InberoAmerican Sundance, is hosted by GFDD/FUNGLODE partner organization, Miami Dade College. This year it screened a roster of 115 films, including 5 world premiers, and 22 North American and 14 US debuts from 45 countries. Competition categories included Ibero-American, World, Dox, cutting the Edge and Shorts.

The Festival reflected a new tendency towards films of so called alternative cinema, with titles like Kiddo, by Cuban director Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, and Face by Tsai Ming-Liang,. 

The Closing Night film, The Secret in Their Eyes was chosen to spice up awards night  and proved to be a fortunate pick.  On March 7, the film won Hollywood’s Oscar for best Foreign Film!

In addition to the screenings, MIFF presented an annual career achievement award to revered German Director, Margerethe von Trotta, who is considered an icon of international feminist cinema. MIFF offered the screening of her last film, Vision, as well as a retrospective of her three most representative titles, Rosa Luxemburg, Rosenstrasse, and I Am the Other Woman.

The Festival offered a rare opportunity to shows films that otherwise would have little chance of distribution in mainstream US theatres, but included  titles familiar to Dominican moviegoers --The Wind Journeys, --screened at the 2009 DR Global Film Festival last November.

 DRGFF, 2010 takes place 16-21 November.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009