Gabriela Latorre Presents Short Films at Cannes Film Festival
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Cannes May 20, 2010

London Film Academy graduate, Gabriela Latorre showed two of her short films at the Cannes Film Festival, which just ended.

Gabriela Latorre, Dominican director and producer and London Film Academy graduate, showed two of her films at the recent Cannes Film Festival.
Ms. Latorre screened, “Turning Point,” which she directed and” Confessions,” which she produced.

Latorre, who holds a degree in communications, worked in the Dominican Republic in advertising as a graphic designer and photographer. In 2004, she moved to London where she continued studying photography at the London College of Communications.

Her passion for film led her to the London Film Academy in 2008 where she directed, produced and edited various short films. Her work as a director includes such shorts as “Tic Tac” (2009) and “Turning Point” (2009). In 2009, she wrote, “Vegetable” (2009) and produced, “Confessions.”

“Confessions” is a comedy about Mrs. O’Leary and her quest to seduce Father Eamon, who is secretly fascinated by her while conscious of the danger he is exposing himself to. Confessions of impure thoughts about Mrs. O’Leary drive him to confer with the Archbishop in a plea for help. He is then transferred to a new parish but Mrs. O’Leary has other plans.

In Turning Point a young man travelling around the world receives a phone call on his birthday from his father who tells him his grandmother has passed away. He is forced to go back home to deal with the sad situation which, in some way, is mixed with joy as it brings together lots of members of his extended family whom he’d never met.

At the Cinéfondation Festival de Cannes 2010, another short film was shown, “Los minutos, las horas,” produced by Dominican Johanne Gomez, a graduate of the Global Media Arts Institute (GMAI), of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE).

Both film presentations were applauded by the GMAI and Dominican Global Film Festival (DRGFF) delegation who were at Cannes, including Omar de la Cruz, DRGFF Technical Director; Asunción Sanz, Director of Inter-Institutional Relations; Yvette Marichal, Director of Marketing and Public Relations and Taína Rodríguez, Publicity Coordinator.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009