The Maid
Film Title (Original): La Nana
Film Title (Spanish): La Nana
Film Title (In English): The Maid
Country Of Origin: Chile/Mexico
Year Of Completion: 2009
Running Time: 1hr 35min (95min)
Format/Color/Bw: Hdcam, Color
Language: Spanish
Director: Sebastián Silva
Executive Producer: Gregorio González
Associate Producers: Issa Guerra Edgar San Juan Sebastian Sánchez Amunategui
Screenwriter: Sebastián Silva
Pedro Peirano Cinematographer: Sergio Armstrong
Editor: Danielle Fillios
Music: Pedro Soubercaseaux
Cast: Catalina Saavedra, Claudia Celadón, Mariana Loyola, Andrea García-Huidobro, Alejandro Goic, Agustín Silva
Cartegena Film Festival 2009: Best actress to Catalina Saavedra, and Critics Award Best Film to Sebastián Silva
Guadalajara Film Festival 2009: FIPRESCI prize
Sundance Film Festival 2009: Special Jury Prize for acting to Catalina Saavedra, and Grand Jury Prize to Sebastián Silva
Taipei International Film Festival 2009: Special Mention New Talent Competition, Third Place Audience Award
Fribourg Film Festival 2009: Talent Tape Award
Sarasota Film Festival 2009: Best Narrative Film Award
Transylvania International Film Festival 2009: Best Acting Award to the Entire Cast of La Nana
Paris Cinema International Film Festival 2009: Audience Award
Off Plus Camera Film Festival 2009: Cracow Film Award (Best Film)
Miami International Film Festival 2009: Jury Special Mention for Best Actress – Catalina SaavedraJordan Alexander Ressler Award for Best Screenplay International Film Guide Inspiration Award
Festival de Cine Cero Latitud – Ecuador: Best Actress to Catalina Saavedra “Mirada de Mujer” award for Best Film

Sebastián Silva is a multifaceted artist whose work includes painting, illustration, and popular music. His paintings have been exhibited in Santiago and New York, and one of his three bands, Los Mono, was picked up for distribution in the United States and the United Kingdom by Sonic360. His first film, La Vida me mata, won numerous awards in Chile and earned him the attention of critics and film festivals. The Maid is his second film.

Raquel (Catalina Saavedra) has been working for the wealthy Valdés family since she was 18. During that time she became a nanny for five children as well as a tireless maid who is on her feet from morning until night. Aside from the debilitating migraines and the illusion that she is perceived as part of the family, life has given her nothing. Her poorly concealed bitterness and increasing conflicts with the eldest Valdés daughter lead the lady of the house to the conviction that her current “jill-of-all-trades” is overworked. But surprisingly her decision to hire extra help rubs Raquel the wrong way… Does the exhausted domestic truly not need any help, or is she just trying, by hook or by crook, to maintain the exclusivity of her dubious standing within the bosom of the family. She can hardly expect them to help her finally discover herself…

In the intersection between social and human pressures, the director gently depicts with humorous moments, the modern form of serfdom that still lingers in some Latin American families. Winner, Grand Jury Prize and Best Actress for Catalina Saavedra, in the World Cinema Competition, 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009