La Ventana
Film Title (Original): La Ventana
Film Title (Spanish): La Ventana
Film Title (In English): The Window
Country Of Origin: Argentina-Spain
Year Of Completion: 2008
Running Time: 85 Minutes
Format/Color/Bw: Color
Language: Spanish
Rating: G
Director: Carlos Sorín
Executive Producers:
Producers: José María Morales
Screenwriter: Carlos Sorín, Pedro Mairal
Cinematographer: Julian Apezteguia
Editor: Mohamed Rajid
Music: Nicolás Sorín
Cast: Antonio Larreta, Maria del Carmen Jimenez, Emilse Roldan, Arturo Goetz, Jorge Diez, Carla Peterson, Luis Luque, Roberto Rovira.
FIPRESCI prize, 2008 Valladolid Film Festival
2008 Toronto Film Festival
2008 Havana Film Festival
2008 Rome Cinema Film Festival

Carlos Sorín. Born in 1944 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carlos Sorín is a writer, director, cinematographer and producer. His award-winning feature films include A King and His Movie (1986), Eversmile, New Jersey (1989), Intimate Stories (2002), Bombón – El Perro (2004), The Road to San Diego (2006).

It is a significant day for 80-year-old Antonio (Antonio Larreta). After an absence of many years, his estranged son is coming to visit. All must be perfect. There will be a toast with a very special champagne; an embrace; warm words that may finally bridge the gap between them … But before, Antonio must wait. Bedridden, he looks out his window at the Patagonian landscape and sees light and life, the past and the present, while sensing the future. He decides to secretly leave the house, unseen by his faithful caretakers, to take what might be a last walk in his fields, breathing the air, treading the earth, inhaling the scent of the land that had been his life. What could otherwise seem like insignificant memories or moments in one's life, take a special, beautiful meaning and weight in this poetic, humanistic film.

Distinguished Argentine filmmaker Carlos Sorín (Bombón, El Perro, Historias Minimas) once again trains his camera on the small stories written by life, on the humanity behind human beings. By casting the great Uruguayan writer and scriptwriter Antonio Larreta in the lead role, Sorin establishes a link between fiction and reality that makes the protagonist's fears, hopes and wishes even more palpable. Inspired by the spirit of Bergman's Wild Strawberries, The Window received the FIPRESCI Prize, at the 2008 Valladolid Film Festival.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009