P-Star Rising
Film Title (Original): P-Star Rising
Film Title (Spanish):
Film Title (In English): P-Star Rising
Country Of Origin: USA
Year Of Completion: 2009
Running Time: 1hr 34min (94min)
Format/Color/Bw: Hdcam Color
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish Subtitles by DRGFF
Rating: NR (but would be G)
FILM CREDITS: (From Tribeca Catalogue)
Director/Cinematographer: Gabriel Noble
Producer: Marjan Tehrani
Composers: Brian Satz, David Abelson
Editor: David Abelson
Music: Ion Furjanic & B. Satz All-Stars
Cast: Solsky Diaz , Jesse Diaz, Priscilla Star Diaz

Tribeca Film Festival 2009

Hot Docs Film Festival 2009

Gabriel Noble graduated from UCLA, where he founded Equal Opportunity Productions, an outreach organization that uses arts education to empower youth in Los Angeles, Cuba, and South Africa. Gabriel directed the feature documentaries Autumn's Eyes and I Won't Love You to Death. He is in development as a writer/producer for a feature fiction film and continues to teach film production for the Pearson Foundation throughout the country.

Mega-talented Harlem native Priscilla Star is a born performer. She started rapping under the name “P-Star” before she hit double digits, and now she’s one of the stars of the reimagined and hip-hop-infused PBS series The Electric Company. This touching documentary charts her inspirational rise to fame.

At age 9, Priscilla, tells her single-father, Jesse, “I am going to become a rapper and fulfill your dreams of succeeding in the music business.” Moved by Priscilla’s passion Jesse begins to teach her all he knows. In the four years that follow, this father-daughter duo go from a one-bedroom shelter in Harlem to a 4 bedroom apartment, from food stamps to shopping sprees, from rapping on street corners to sold out night clubs, and from sneaking under train turnstiles to being driven around in tinted SUV’s.. But in the efforts to make her dad proud, Priscilla struggles to remain a child and finds herself trapped in a world of people twice her size and four times her age and doesn't know who to trust. Jesse himself is caught between wanting to protect his daughter’ innocence and exploiting her raw talent to fulfill his deferred dream.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009