• TITLE (ORIGINAL): 9 meses

    TITLE (English): Rent a Dad
    DIRECTOR: Miguel Perelló
    COUNTRY: España, Venezuela/Spain, Venezuela
    YEAR: 2010
    LENGTH: 90 min
    COLOR/B/W: Digital / Color HD CAM/Color
    LANGUAGE: Spanish

    Director: Miguel Perelló
    Producers: Pepón Siglér / Hector Palma
    Executive Produer: Ximo Pérez
    Script: Kike Arce
    Cinematography: Gabo Guerra
    Editor: Alberto Garcia
    Composer: Cesar Muñoz
    Sound Design: Jose Sospedra
    Cast: Mónica Cruz, Kike Arce, Anabel Alonso, Vanesa Romero, Anabel Rivero.

    This is the story of an actor who, on his way to what he hopes is stardom, seems to have very bad luck. One day, while at an event, he meets up with three friends who tell him they would like him to inseminate them in that they haven't managed to find their shining princes. Charo, Liliana and Clara all agree the "right man" is probably not even out there and they are tired of waiting. They want to become mothers now.

    How far would you go to become a mother? This is an important question being asked by women who have spent many years of their adult life pursuing their professional or personal lives and now, as their biological clock is ticking, can't find a man so they need to take other measures.

    This is an extraordinary story of humor and unusual situations around the issue of becoming a mother. This is a film about women, for women and men who love women.

    Director's Biography
    Miguel Perelló 2008 “Lo que tiene el otro lado” Feature film co-produced with Cinema Sur (Venezuela); 2007 “Martini, il valenciano” TV movie; 2004 “Mentiras”, TV movie starring Imanol Arias, Esther Arroyo, Eva de Luis, Ximo Solano and Juli Mira.