• TITLE (ORIGINAL): A Dark Truth

    TITLE (English): A Dark Truth
    RUNNING TIME: 106 min
    LANGUAGE: English

    Productores: Gary Howsam, Bill Marks
    Productores Ejecutivos: Jeff Sackman, Andy Garcia, Kim Coates Guionista: Damian Lee
    Guionista: Bobby Shore
    Director de Fotografía: Peter Suschitzky
    Editor: William Steinkamp, A.C.E.
    Compositor: Jonathan Goldsmith
    Diseño de sonido: Adam Stein
    Reparto:Andy García, Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker, Kim Coates


    The water rights of a South American nation are sold to a multi-national corporation by corrupt politicians but when a purification plant fails, and causes a huge typhus outbreak, the entire population of a village is massacred by the military to keep the deal secret.  Jack Begosian, ex-CIA agent and late night radio talk show host of “The Truth,” is hired by Morgan Swinton to investigate after a survivor of the massacre kills himself in front of her.  Morgan’s brother is the CEO of the multi-national that caused the problem. Jack travels deep into mountainous jungle and battles military troops to find Francesco Francis, a credible witness to what happened and a former eco-terrorist Jack once framed.  Jack returns with Francis and his family only to face a major assassination attempt.

    Director's Biography
    Damian Lee’s credits include “Woman Wanted” starring Kiefer Sutherland and Holly Hunter, “Fun”, which won two Special Jury Awards at Sundance. In 2005 Lee wrote, directed and produced “King of Sorrow”. In 2006 he directed and produced “The Poet”. Followed by “Sacrifice”. Lee directed Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. in the film along with Christian Slater, Kim Coates and Devon Bostick. During the same time period he directed the indie comedy “Hit It”. In 2012 he wrote and directed “Split Decision”. He has also written “One Day”, which deals with the possibility of global water deprivation and has developed it with the involvement of the UN.