• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Halt auf freier Strecke

    TITLE (English): Stopped on Track
    DIRECTOR: Andreas Dresen
    COUNTRY: Germany
    YEAR: 2011
    LENGTH: 110 min
    COLOR/B/W: 35 mm/ Dolby Digital / Color
    LANGUAGE: German with Spanish subtitles
    Director: Andreas Dresen
    Producer: Peter Rommel
    Executive Producer: Peter Hartwig
    Script : Andreas Dresen & Cooky Ziesche
    Cinematography: Michael Hammon
    Editor: Jörg Hauschild (Montaje/Montage)
    Composer: Jens Quandt
    Sound Designer: Peter Schmidt
    Cast: Milan Peschel, Steffi Kühnert, Talisa Lilly Lemke, Mika Nilson Seidel, Ursula Werner 
    “Stopped on Track” is the story of a family facing huge loss. Frank, 40, is a Medical Diagnostician and father and has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. Frank and Simone have two children. They are a normal family, a solid couple and a generally harmonious life. Upon receiving this news, all their plans have come to a standstill: their work projects, the new house they just moved into, dreams of traveling, music. But, life goes on and family member try to assimilate this new reality into their work, school and at home.
    Director's Biography
    Andreas Dresen, born August 16, 1963 in Gera, Germany. Has been working as a German film director since 1989. Dresen is known for his open film technique, which is often based on improvisation, resulting in films with realistic characters making the movie seem like it is a documentary. He won various prizes for his work, including the “German Film Award,” “European Film Award” and the Cannes Un Certain Regard Award for “Stopped on Track”..