• TITLE (ORIGINAL): The Big Black

    TITLE (English): The Big Black
    DIRECTOR: Oliver Kyr
    COUNTRY: Germany
    YEAR: December 2011
    LANGUAGE: English Spanish Subtitles

    Director: Oliver Kyr
    Producers: Joachim Maurer, Oliver Kyr
    Executive Producer: Joachim Maurer
    Screenwriter: Oliver Kyr
    Cinematographer: Martin Schlecht
    Editor: Christian Reinhardt
    Music: Mario von Jascheroff
    Sound designer: Alexander Gress
    Cast: Délphine Chanéac, Constantin von Jascheroff, David Gant

    Our forefathers warned us not to leave the burden of a guilt behind when we die.

    Because before your guilt-ridden soul is redeemed to heaven you would enter a strange, dark world.
    Welcome to the nightmare of purgatory.  Welcome to The Big Black. Twenty-year-old Jack hunts the nightmare of his past and crosses paths with mysterious Eve, a beautiful girl who is either his Guardian Angel or his Final Doom.  Time runs out as Jack tries to escape the demons of the wastelands in order to find redemption.

    Director's Biography
    Oliver Kyr works as writer-director since 1993. He studied at the University of Media in Stuttgart. For his work in the corporate and advertising business he was awarded with two Corporate Media Awards. His novel Audrey and Death was published in 2011. In 2011, his debut feature film “The Big Black” wins the Golden Pegasos for Best Director in Greece.