• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Das Lied in mir

    TITLE (English): The Day I was Not Born
    DIRECTOR: Florian Cossen
    COUNTRY: Germany
    YEAR: 2010
    LENGTH: 94 min
    COLOR/ByN/B&W: 35 mm, Dolby Digital / Color
    LANGUAGE: German with Spanish subtitles
    Director: Florian Cossen
    Producers: Jochen Laube y Fabian Maubach
    Executive Director: Rodrigo Fürth
    Script: Florian Cossen y Elena von Saucken
    Cinematography: Matthias Fleischer
    Editor: Philipp Thomas (Montaje)
    Composer: Matthias Klein
    Cast: Jessica Schwarz, Michael Gwisdek, Rafael Ferro, Beatriz Spelzini, Alfredo Castellani, Marcela Ferrari

    Maria is a young German woman who has a lay-over in Buenos Aires on her way to Chile. While in the airport she hears a mother singing a nursery rhyme in Spanish to her baby; she recognizes the melody and lyrics even though she knows no Spanish. She calls her father back in Germany and he flies over and accompanies Maria on her trip into the past and her origins. Meanwhile, a policeman befreinds Maria and will play the role of interpreter and moral reflection.

    Maria and Alejandro (the policeman) function together as counterpoints between the need to know the truth at the cost of one’s own identity and the need to avoid a past that you know is dormant. In the words of the policeman, “I don’t want you to tell me anything that will make me hate you.”

    Director's Biography
    Florian Cossen was born in Tel Aviv in 1979. He was raised in Israel, Canada, Spain and Germany. He became an assistant director for film productions, televison and advertising. In 2002, he began his studies at the Film Academy of Baden-Wurtemberg, in Luisburgo. “Das Lied In Mir” (The Day I was Not Born) is his final project of his last year at the Film Academy.