• TITLE (ORIGINAL): El Capitán Trueno y el santo grial

    TITLE (English): Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail
    DIRECTOR: Antonio Hernández
    COUNTRY: Spain
    YEAR: 2011
    LENGTH: 108 min
    FORMATO/COLOR/B & W: 35mm Color
    LANGUAGE: Spanish


    Director: Antonio Hernández
    Executive Directors: Antonio Mansilla, Pau Vergara
    Script: Pau Vergara               
    Cinematography: Javier Salmones 
    Editor: Ivan Aledo      
    Composer: Luis Ivars
    Cast: Sergio Peris Mencheta, Natasha Yarovenko, Adrian Lamana, Manuel Martínez, Gary Piquer,  Ramón Langa, Asier Etxeandia, Alejandro Jornet

    During the II crusades in Palestine, Captain Thunder finds a dying man named Juan de Ribera in
    the fort’s dungeons. Ribera’s mission is to return a magic chalice, said to be the Holy Grail, back to Spain where it was stolen according to a thousand-year-old order. The captain, along with his inseparable friends, Crispin and Goliath and a Viking Princess called Sigrid, will have to face down an evil feudal lord and his black “devils” who have the entire Aragon province terrified.
    Biography of Director
    Antonio Hernández is one of the most recognized directors of Spanish Cinema. His films include “En la ciudad sin límites”, which won a Goya for the best original script as well as three other nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Music. The film also won more than 40 prizes in various international film festivals. Later he directed “Oculto”, “El menor de los males” and “Los Borgia”. “Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail” is his latest film.