• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Mariachi Gringo

    TITLE (English): Mariachi Gringo
    DIRECTOR: Tom Gustafson
    COUNTRIES: México, USA
    YEAR: 2011
    LENGTH: 105 min
    FORMAT/COLOR /BW: 35mm, Color
    LANGUAGE: English, Spanish with Spanish subtitles

    Director: Tom Gustafson
    Producers: Rafael Cuervo, Alejandra Cárdenas, Tom Gustafson, Cory James Krueckeberg, Ramiro Ruiz
    Executive Producers: Ambrose Roche, Isabella Smejda, Gill Holland
    Script Cory James
    Cinematographer: Kira Kelly
    Editors: Cory James Krueckeberg, Jennifer Lee
    Music: Tim Sandusky
    Cast: Shawn Ashmore, Martha Higareda, Kate Burton, Adriana Barraza, Fernando Becerril, Lila Downs     

    The inspiring story of a man who is willing to do absolutely anything to follow his dreams. Mariachi Gringo tells the tale of Edward (Shawn Ashmore), a young man living in the middle of nowhere in the U.S., who falls completely in love with a different culture and a most beautiful and sublime style of music.

    Edward learns the craft of the mariachis from Alberto (Fernando Becerril). It becomes clear that he must travel to Mexico, specifically to Guadalajara, to become one with the music’s tradition and lifestyle. Once there, the young man makes friends with singer Sophia (Lila Downs), who helps him experience the true passion that being a mariachi evokes.

    Director Tom Gustafson shares a number of qualities with his leading character. They are both into discovering new cultural territories, and they both welcome the notion of doing it while making their dreams come true. Winner of the Guadalajara Film Festival, best film and best actress.
    Director's Biography
    "Mariachi Gringo" is Tom Gustafson’s second feature film. His feature directorial debut, the critically acclaimed musical fantasy, "Were the World Mine", won 26 awards screening at over 150 festivals world wide.