• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Pareces una carreta de esa' que no la' para ni lo' bueye'

    TITLE (English): You look like a carriage that not even the oxen can stop
    DIRECTOR: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
    COUNTRY: USA/Rep. Dom.
    YEAR: 2012
    LENGTH: 85 min
    COLOR /BW: HD 1080, Color
    LANGUAGE:Spanish with English subtitles

    Producer:Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
    Editor:Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
    Cinematographer:Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
    Music:Clogs. Luis Alberto Spinetta, Violeta Parra, Maria Bethania, Caetano Veloso

    Gladys and her daughter live on the outskirts of New York City where they share their isolated lives together in their own little space in the same house, same neighborhood, which is their whole world. Hidden in a city that also hides them, a New York that grows smaller as the two of them stay within their own four walls where they only speak Caribbean Spanish together, and a few words in English they have managed to remember.
    Director's Biography
    Born in Santo Domingo, he attended the Iberoamericana University. In 2006, he studied cinematography in Buenos Aires then later in Edinburgh School of Art where he started making short experimental films including She Said He Walks, which was awarded by the British Academy. His second film, Should We Go Home? was shown in film festival series such as the Biennial of Sao Paolo. It was also selected to be part of the permanent collection of the prestigious cooperative of independent directors of New York.

    En 2011, he made his first short fiction, Le Dernier Des Bonbons, which was selected for various important festivals. Today he is doing an MFA at the prestigious Institute of Arts California where he has developed his first feature film, to be shot in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2013.