• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Verdad o Reto

    TITLE (English): Truth or Dare
    DIRECTOR: Joan Espino
    COUNTRY: Dominican Republic
    YEAR: 2010
    LENGTH: 26:54 min
    LANGUAGE: Spanish

    Producers: Grecheen Acosta, Marcos Bisonó
    Executive Producers: Rafael Torres, Elsa Campos, Francisco Espino
    Cinematography: Joan Espino, Victor Grullón, Jay Rivera
    Editors: Román Franco, Joan Espino
    Music: Jaime Estepan

    Luis (Emmanuel Ureña), Félix (Víctor González) and Mon (Julio Bonifacio), are tired of always being rejected at baseball, the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic, decide to make up their own game. The boys get into trouble stealing from Cheo (Ubaldo Sandoval), the neighborhood shop owner who chases after them with a club until he loses it. They will have to hide for hours in a car junkyard where terrible things happen to them.
    Director's Biography
    Joan Espino, born in 1985 in Santiago, DR, has a degree in Social Communication from the Madre y Maestra Pontifical Catholic University (PUCMM). He studied film and television with One Race Films Global Foundation, Vin Diesel’s organization that works in conjunction with the Global Media Arts Institute (GMAI), Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) and NYU Opportunity Programs. He has directed five short films and is currently teaching a course in Film and Latin American Culture at the PUCMM in Santiago.