• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Westwind

    TITLE (English): When We Leave
    DIRECTOR: Robert Thalheim
    COUNTRY: Germany
    YEAR: 2011
    LENGTH: 90 min.
    FORMAT/ COLOR/B/W: Dolby Digital / Color
    LANGUAGE: con subtítulos en español, con subtítulos en francés, Alemán, con subtítulos en inglés
    Director: Robert Thalheim
    Producer: Judith Stalter, Gabor Sipos, Gabor Rajna
    Executive Producer: Susann Schimk, Jörg Trentmann
    Script: Ilja Haller, Susann Schimk
    Cinematography: Eeva Fleig
    Editor: Stefan Kobe, Christoph Sturm, Oliver Grothoff
    Composer: Christian Conrad
    Sound Designer: Anton Feist, Uwe Bossenz, Detlef Schitto
    Cast: Friederike Becht, Luise Heyer, Franz Dinda   
    It is summer 1988 and twin sisters Isa and Doreen, promising athletes from East Germany, are given the opportunity to attend a renowned sports camp in Balaton, Hungary. There they meet two boys from Hamburg (West Germany), Arne and Nico. It starts off as a flirtation but Doreen and Arne fall in love. Doreen risks everything for this love and begins planning her escape to the West. This is a story of young love which is cheerful and light despite the heavy political background,
    Director's Biography
    Robert Thalheim was born in Berlin in 1974. He finished highschool in the US state of Indiana. In 1997-98, he worked as a director’s assistant for the Berliner Ensemble. In 1998, he began to study at the Free University Berlin and the Konrad Wolf University in Potsdam. In 2000, he wrote a book on Andrzej Wajda. Since 1999, he has been the editor of the cultural magazine, “Plotki.” His theater piece,  Moschee DE (with Kolja Mensing) premiered in 2010 in the Hanover Theater.