FILM TITLE (English): CHOCÓ
    DIRECTOR: Johnny Hendrix Hinestroza
    COUNTRY: Colombia
    YEAR: 2012
    RUNNING TIME: 80 min
    LANGUAGE: Spanish


    Director: Johnny Hendrix Hinestroza
    Producers: Johnny Hendrix Hinestroza, Maritza Rincón, Guatavo Torres Gil
    Screenwriters: Alphonso Acosta, Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza
    Cinematographer : Paulo Andrés Pérez,
    Editor: Mauricio Vergara
    Cast: Esteban Copete, Karent Hinestroza, Sebastián Mosqueira, Daniela Mosquera, Fabio Restrepo


    In "Chocó", by first time director Johnny Hendrix Hinestroza, revenge turns out to be a dish best served flaming hot!

    Thirtyish Chocólatico - nicknamed Chocó - lives with her husband Everlides (Esteban Copete) and two small children in a rudimentary but cozy riverside hut amidst lush rural greenery. Working long hours as a gold-panner and laundrywoman, and later in an artisanal mining-operation, Chocó is the family's main bread-winner.

    No-good 'musician' Everlides spends most of his time in the village with his buddies - drinking, playing marimba and gambling, before stumbling home drunk to sexually maltreat his unwilling spouse. The upcoming seventh birthday of their daughter Candelaria (Daniela Mosquera) - and her desire for a particular cake from the local tienda - ends up bringing tensions to a head, with violent consequences.

    In this vivid documentary–style film, Hendrix Hinestroza captures the rhythms and feel of this remote, heavily-forested area, aided by Claudia Victoria's vibrantly colorful production-design and Paulo Pérez's widescreen digital cinematography.

    Director's Biography
    Communications expert with fifteen y stry. In 2003, he founded theproduction company Antorcha Films in Cali, Colombia.The short film "Cuando llegan los muchachos" marked his directorial debut. Chocó is his first feature in the director´s chair.