• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Del Otro Lado

    FILM TITLE (English): The Other Side
    DIRECTOR: Yanillyz Perez
    COUNTRY: Dominican Republic
    YEAR: 2012
    LENGTH: 14 min
    FORMAT / COLOR /BW: Color
    LANGUAGE: Spanish

    Producers: John Fiedler, Ben Odell
    Co-Producers: Rafael Elías Muñoz, Juan Basanta
    Cinematographer: Jaime Guerra
    Editors: Thomas Lavergner


    In Santo Domingo, while some are dreaming of pursuing another life in the United States, Miguel , a young Dominican who earns a living by selling food on the street, dreams of building his household on his island with his childhood love Laura, a young Dominican who lives under her grandmother's authority. When the grandmother's discovers her relationship with Miguel, Laura’s life is prone to severe pressure by her family, and changes forever.

    Director's Biography
    Yanillys Perez is a Dominican Actress-Director. She studied acting in the Dominican Republic « Bellas Artes », London, New York, and Paris. She started her career as an actress to gradually become a self-taught writer and director.
    In 2011 she writes, directs and produces “Del Otro Lado” a Dominican story, shot and produced in the Dominican Republic with a French Co-production. She is in Paris where she is currently working on her first feature film as a director.