• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Hombre árbol

    Country: Dominican Republic
    Genre: Ficción
    Format: DVCAM
    Lenght : 00:09:00:00
    Date: 2012
    Languaje: Silent

    Director: Fernando Rivas
    Producer: Giselle Lora
    Original Music: Luichy Guzmán
    Edition: Francisco Xavier Geraldes.

    One day, a package fell in the forest. No one knew how it got there. The guardians of the forest opened up the package and found a “potion” inside, which they thought might help the trees give more fruit. When they sprinkled the potion on a tree, they caused the tree to go through a big transformation. The tree became a “tree man.” He was annoyed by the animals in the forest, (they kept him from sleeping at night) so he hatched a plan to get rid of all the animals.

    “Tree Man” is an experimental short film based on a story written by a group of children between 4 and 6 years old. The adaptation of the script and acting was done by the same children, with guidance from their teachers and a production team. The children participated in the entire process through extensive conversations with the storyboard artist and the director and closely observing the production details and editing of the film.

    “Tree Man” is the culmination of a research project on forests, which was undertaken by “Los Grandes” (a group of 31 children between 4 and 6 years old) from the Primi Passi Preschool. The project began in October 2010. The short film was first shown on June 11, 2012.

    A comic fantasy of action and adventure inspired by the mystery that forests and nature represent for children, the film contains an environmental message and a call for awareness of how the actions of humans can affect the balance of the ecosystems. Directed at the entire family, this silent film was originally made for private viewing.

    Clara Lora, Raquel Garrido and Lorena González are the executive producers who brought to life the story that was written by the children: Jorge Rodríguez, Manuel Martínez, Maia Castañeda, Gabriela Gil, Camila Mejía with their advisor Raquel Garrido.