• TITLE (ORIGINAL): El Último Elvis

    TITLE (English): The Last Elvis
    DIRECTOR: Armando Bo
    YEAR: 2012
    LENGTH: 91 min
    LANGUAGE: Spanish

    Director: Armando Bo
    Producers: Jennifer Barrons, Armando Bo, Victor Bo, Steve Golin, Hugo Sigman
    Script Armando Bo, Nicolás Giacobne
    Cinematography: Javier Julia
    Editor: Patricio Pena
    Music: Sebastián Escofet
    Cast: John McInerny, Griselda Siciliani, Margarita Lopez, Rocío Rodríguez Presedo

    Elvis impersonator Carlos Gutiérrez is divorced with a daughter, Lisa Marie, whom he doesn’t see very often. He has always lived his life as an Elvis impersonator, denying the real Carlos and his reality. But he is reaching the age at which his idol dies and Carlos’s future is beginning to seem empty. An unexpected situation forces him to have to take care of his daughter. Carlos begins to see himself as a father and Lisa Marie learns to accept him as such. But destiny presents him with a difficult decision. While out on one of his crazy music trips, Carlos is forced to choose between his dream to be Elvis and his family.

    Armando Bo’s film is full of music and emotions in which a man must choose between his dreams and his reality. The Last Elvis had its premiere at Sundance 2012.

    Director's Biography
    Armando Bo was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. He has worked in film and advertising since he was 17-years-old. He is a third generation member of a film family. Bo studied film in several renowned institutions in New York as well as Art History at the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. "The Last Elvis" is his first feature film.