• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Madrid, 1987

    TITLE (English): Madrid, 1987
    DIRECTOR: David Trueba
    COUNTRY: Spain
    YEAR: 2011
    LENGTH: 104 min
    FORMATO/COLOR/BW: Digital / Color
    LANGUAGE: Spanish
    Director: David Trueba
    Producer: Jessica Berman
    Script: David Trueba
    Cinematography: Leonor Rodríguez
    Editor: Marta Velasco
    Music: Irene Tremblay
    Cast: José Sacristán, María Valverde, Ramon Fontserè
    On a hot July day in 1987, with the city nearly empty for summer vacation, Miguel (José Sacristán), a feared and respected columnist is meeting in a café with Ángela (María Valverde), a young journalism student. From the first moment of their meeting, there develops an unequal duel between them, pitting inspiration, talent and professional perspectives against one another. Obliged to finish their meeting, both will attempt to survive and avoid an emotional outburst.

    She is among those who came of age in the the eighties with an already consolidated sense of democracy while he is part of those who were already around and feels he has been through it all, knows it all and wants to tell her all about himself.

    In “Madrid, 1987” David Trueba examines a story marked by the conflicts of his characters: youth vs age, experience vs innocence, man vs woman. The film premiered at the 2011 San Sebastián Film Festival.

    Director's Biography
    David Trueba was born in Madrid in 1969. He studied  journalism then film at the  American Film Institute. He began in the film industry as a writer. His early films as director include "La buena  vida" in 1997, "Obra Maestra" in 2000 and "Soldados de Salamina" in 2003.