• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Mediterranean Blue

    TITLE (English): Mediterranean Blue
    YEAR: 2012
    DURACIÓN: 1.49 HPM.
    LANGUAGE: English with Spanish subtitles

    Producers: Toni Tarantino, Arsen Bagdasarian, Martín G. Ramis, Martín Garrido Barón
    Executive Producers: Alejandro Moreno Vázquez y Guillermo Naveiras Llorente
    Screenwriter: Martín G. Ramis
    Editor: Marcos Manzano
    Cinematographer: John Harrat
    Music: Miiro
    Design of sound: Antonio de Benito
    Cast: Tony Tarantino, Adrián Mas, Celinés Toribio, Sal Batista, Solly Durán, Naim Thomas, Juan Fernández, Tony Isbert y Mario Cimarro

    Xim is a young spaced out guy who earns his living as a waiter in Mr. Ramón’s nightclub. Ramón is a small time mafioso drug dealer. One night, Ramón receives a big shipment of cocaine and Xim decides to steal it, involving three other people in his plan: a nightclub entertainer, an alcoholic and a young prostitute. The three will disappear somewhere until Xim suggests they go to Mallorca where they’ll live like three siblings. Tony, the entertainer, and Nina the prostitute, reluctantly accept. They get set up in a luxurious hotel in Mallorca. Meanwhile, Tony and Nina decide what the want to do with their lives, Xim visits his brother Justo and sister Lourdes who has not forgiven him for killing her father.
    Director's Biography
    Martín Garrido was born in Barcelona but raised from an infant in Mallorca. He studied at the Fine Arts and Dramatic Arts. He worked as an actor in various theater companies and directed some of them. At fifteen, he shot his first medium-length movie in video which was selected for various film festivals. He shot more than 50 movies in video until 2003 when he directed “H6, diario de un asesino”, his first feature.